The NFL continues to work with experts and the NFLPA to identify additional measures to limit risk of exposure to COVID-19 and to permit the league and its clubs to safely and responsibly complete the 2020 season.

Here’s a summary of the new protocols. Unless otherwise noted, these rules were implemented starting with the Thanksgiving Day games during Week 12 and continue throughout the remainder of the season.

Gameday Mask Requirement

Players on the sidelines who are not substituting or preparing to enter the game and are not wearing their helmets must wear a mask or a double-layered gaiter.

Coaches who choose to wear a face shield must also wear a face mask or double-layered gaiter in addition to the face shield. This requirement now applies to play callers and is consistent with protocols for all other coaches.

Post-Game Interaction

Post-game interactions between opposing players or team staff will be limited. Players and team personnel must also wear masks and may briefly exchange greetings before promptly proceeding to their locker rooms.

Clubs are required to enforce these rules. The league strongly recommends that each club designate one or two individuals in the bench area to ensure compliance with these rules.

Player Travel Party/Game Eligible Designation

The maximum number of players that may travel will be reduced to 62. To ensure competitive equity, teams must submit their list of designated players (including any players on Reserve/Injured list who wish to attend the game) by 4 pm Eastern Time on the day before gameday. A player not listed may not participate in or attend the game.

Masks on Team Buses and Planes

Beginning with travel for all Week 13 games, all members of a team’s traveling party will be required to wear N95 or KN95 masks on both the team plane and also the team bus.

Club Facility Staffing

Beginning Monday, November 30, access to club facilities while coaches and players are present will be limited to essential football personnel, essential support personnel, other medical and special services, and limited media.

All personnel not designated in these categories must work remotely or at a location physically separate from the facility housing players and coaches. They are prohibited from interacting with essential football personnel at any time.

This restriction will take effect on Monday, November 30; however, clubs are strongly encouraged to implement these rules as soon as possible.

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