The NFL has announced the dates and times for the 2019 preseason schedule, which includes games in Canada and Hawaii along with the annual NFL/Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

On Thursday, Aug. 1, the Denver Broncos face the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL/Hall of Fame Game. The game will kick off a weekend of celebrations that include the enshrinements of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, former Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey and former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez.

The defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams will meet the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The Oakland Raiders will play the Green Bay Packers in Week 3 of the preseason at IG Field in Winnipeg, Canada. The Raiders, who also play the Chicago Bears in London during Week 5 of the regular season, will become the first NFL team to play in three different countries during the same season.

NFL Network will provide extensive coverage of the NFL preseason, including live or re-aired broadcasts of all 65 games.

2019 NFL Preseason Schedule

NFL/Hall of Fame Game – Aug. 1

Date Visitor Home Time (ET)
Aug. 1 Atlanta Falcons Denver Broncos 8:00pm

Week 1 – Aug. 8-10

Date Visitor Home Time (ET)
Aug. 8 Indianapolis Colts Buffalo Bills 7:00pm
Aug. 8 New York Jets New York Giants 7:00pm
Aug. 8 Jacksonville Jaguars Baltimore Ravens 7:30pm
Aug. 8 Washington Redskins Cleveland Browns 7:30pm
Aug. 8 New England Patriots Detroit Lions 7:30pm
Aug. 8 Atlanta Falcons Miami Dolphins 7:30pm
Aug. 8 Tennessee Titans Philadelphia Eagles 7:30pm
Aug. 8 Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears 8:00pm
Aug. 8 Houston Texans Green Bay Packers 8:00pm
Aug. 8 Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Cardinals 10:00pm
Aug. 8 Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks 10:00pm
Aug. 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pittsburgh Steelers 7:30pm
Aug. 9 Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints 8:00pm
Aug. 10 Cincinnati Bengals Kansas City Chiefs 8:00pm
Aug. 10 Los Angeles Rams Oakland Raiders 8:00pm
Aug. 10 Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers 9:00pm

Week 2 – Aug. 15-19

Date Visitor Home Time (ET)
Aug. 15 Philadelphia Eagles Jacksonville Jaguars 7:00pm
Aug. 15 New York Jets Atlanta Falcons 7:30pm
Aug. 15 Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens 7:30pm
Aug. 15 Cincinnati Bengals Washington Redskins 7:30pm
Aug. 15 Oakland Raiders Arizona Cardinals 8:00pm
Aug. 16 Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers 7:00pm
Aug. 16 Chicago Bears New York Giants 7:30pm
Aug. 16 Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30pm
Aug. 17 Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts 4:00pm
Aug. 17 New England Patriots Tennessee Titans 7:00pm
Aug. 17 Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers 7:30pm
Aug. 17 Detroit Lions Houston Texans 8:00pm
Aug. 17 Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Rams 10:00pm
Aug. 18 New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Chargers 4:00pm
Aug. 18 Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings 8:00pm
Aug. 19 San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos 8:00pm

Week 3 – Aug. 22-25

Date Visitor Home Time (ET)
Aug. 22 New York Giants Cincinnati Bengals 7:00pm
Aug. 22 Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons 7:30pm
Aug. 22 Carolina Panthers New England Patriots 7:30pm
Aug. 22 Baltimore Ravens Philadelphia Eagles 7:30pm
Aug. 22 Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Dolphins 8:00pm
Aug. 22 Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders 8:00pm
Aug. 23 Cleveland Browns Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30pm
Aug. 23 Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions 8:00pm
Aug. 24 Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings 1:00pm
Aug. 24 Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys 7:00pm
Aug. 24 Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts 7:00pm
Aug. 24 New Orleans Saints New York Jets 7:30pm
Aug. 24 San Francisco 49ers Kansas City Chiefs 8:00pm
Aug. 24 Denver Broncos Los Angeles Rams 9:00pm
Aug. 24 Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Chargers 10:00pm
Aug. 25 Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans 8:00pm

Week 4 – Aug. 29

Date Visitor Home Time (ET)
Aug. 29 Minnesota Vikings Buffalo Bills 7:00pm
Aug. 29 Pittsburgh Steelers Carolina Panthers 7:00pm
Aug. 29 Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals 7:00pm
Aug. 29 Atlanta Falcons Jacksonville Jaguars 7:00pm
Aug. 29 Philadelphia Eagles New York Jets 7:00pm
Aug. 29 Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns 7:30pm
Aug. 29 New York Giants New England Patriots 7:30pm
Aug. 29 Baltimore Ravens Washington Redskins 7:30pm
Aug. 29 Tennessee Titans Chicago Bears 8:00pm
Aug. 29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dallas Cowboys 8:00pm
Aug. 29 Kansas City Chiefs Green Bay Packers 8:00pm
Aug. 29 Los Angeles Rams Houston Texans 8:00pm
Aug. 29 Miami Dolphins New Orleans Saints 8:00pm
Aug. 29 Arizona Cardinals Denver Broncos 9:00pm
Aug. 29 Los Angeles Chargers San Francisco 49ers 10:00pm
Aug. 29 Oakland Raiders Seattle Seahawks 10:00pm

*Bold denotes nationally televised games