The 2022 Pro Bowl presented by Verizon will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 6, at 3 PM ET on ESPN and ESPN Deportes and simulcast on ABC and Disney XD. Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Louis Riddick and Lisa Salters will call the game.

Tickets are available now on and will allow fans special benefits on gameday, including access to the Pro Bowl Red Carpet presented by Caesars Sportsbook and other family-friendly activities.

The Pro Bowl heads to Las Vegas for the first time and the NFL Foundation is implementing an incentive program for charitable causes. Each Pro Bowl player who is recognized for an in-game accomplishment may choose from among the charities that the foundation supports at the levels as outlined below:

Defensive MVP $20,000
Offensive MVP $20,000
Longest Field Goal $10,000
Most Passing Yards $10,000
Most Receiving Yards $10,000
Most Rushing Yards $10,000
Most Tackles $10,000
Each Interception $2,500
Each Touchdown $2,500
Team rushes for 100 yards $2,500 to each offensive lineman

The 2022 Pro Bowl will continue to serve as a platform for innovation and will implement the Spot and Choose method proposed to the Competition Committee by the Baltimore Ravens at the beginning of the game after the coin toss, and at the start of the second half for this game only. The Spot and Choose method will also be implemented should the 2022 Pro Bowl go to overtime.

At the start of the game, the Referee, in the presence of the head coach or captains of both teams, shall toss a coin at the center of the field. Prior to the Referee’s toss, the call of “heads” or “tails” must be made by the head coach or captain of the visiting team. The winner of the toss must choose between one of the two privileges, and the loser of the toss is given the other. The two privileges are:

A) “Spot” – place the ball on the field for the first play of the first quarter, including the designation of direction OR

B) “Choose” – decide whether to start on offense or defense from the other team’s designated spot and direction

Regardless of which privilege is chosen by the winner of the toss, Privilege A (Spot) is to be exercised before Privilege B (Choose), so that the selection of whether to play offense or defense is made after the starting field position is chosen.

To start the second half, the loser of the start-of-game coin toss has the option to choose one of the two privileges, with the other team given the other.

The 2022 Pro Bowl will continue with two rule changes from previous years.

Following a successful field goal or try attempt, the scoring team (Team A), has the following options:

Team A may elect to give Team B the ball at Team B’s 25-yard line (1st-and-10), beginning a new series of downs.

Team A may elect to take the ball at their own 25-yard line (4th-and-15).

If Team A is successful in making a first down, Team A will maintain possession and a new series of downs will continue as normal.

If Team A is unsuccessful in making a first down, the result will be a turnover on downs and Team B will take possession at the dead ball spot.

Additionally, a 35/25 second play clock will be used instead of the normal 40/25 second clock. After an incomplete pass, the game clock will start on the Referee’s signal, except inside the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the second half. Within the normal timing rules, the game clock does not start after an incomplete pass.

Each Pro Bowl teams has 21 offensive players, 18 defensive players and five specialists. Mike Vrabel and the coaches from the Tennessee Titans will lead the AFC Pro Bowl team and Matt LaFleur and the coaches from the Green Bay Packers will head the NFC squad.

Pro Football Hall of Famer and 11-time Pro Bowler Rod Woodson and six-time Pro Bowler Reggie Wayne will serve as the 2022 Pro Bowl Legends Captains for the AFC, while 11-time Pro Bowler Jason Witten and seven-time Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly will serve as 2022 Pro Bowl Legends Captains for the NFC. The captains will attend various events throughout Pro Bowl Week in Las Vegas, including the 2022 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, and will serve as mentors for the Pro Bowl players and be present on the sidelines on gameday.

For the fifth time, Pro Bowlers from the AFC and NFC will also compete in unique competitions at the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, which airs on Thursday, February 3, at 7 PM ET on ESPN and Disney XD. New this year, the All-Stars will compete in Best Catch delivered with Uber Eats and Fastest Man presented by NFL All Day, in addition to Precision Passing, Thread the Needle and Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball.

Baltimore’s Mark Andrews, Cleveland’s Nick Chubb, Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs, Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill, the Los Angeles Chargers’ Derwin James, New England’s Mac Jones, Las Vegas’ Hunter Renfrow and Cleveland’s Denzel Ward will represent the AFC.

Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson, Dallas’ Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons, New Orleans’ Alvin Kamara, Philadelphia’s Darius Slay and Seattle’s Russell Wilson will represent the NFC.

Roster selections are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches. Each group’s vote counts one-third toward determining the 88 All-Star players. The NFL is the only sports league that combines voting by fans, coaches and players to determine its All-Stars. It was also the first professional sports league to offer online All-Star voting in 1995.

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