Senior officiating staff in Art McNally GameDay Central (AMGC) will continue to consult with the Referee on all instant replay decisions, but starting in the 2017 season, all final instant replay decisions will be made by designated senior officiating staff in AMGC instead of the Referee. Additionally, Referees will now review instant replay video on Instant Replay Tablets.

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All other aspects of the review process will remain the same.

When a replay review is initiated, Senior Vice President of Officiating Alberto Riveron, or a designated senior member of the league’s officiating staff, will examine the play in AMGC in New York.

Two replay field technicians — stationed at each 20-yard line on the sideline — will walk onto the field with hard-wired Instant Replay Tablets.

The nearest technician will give the Referee a headset, so the Referee can communicate with designated senior officiating staff in AMGC. The technician will hold the Instant Replay Tablet, allowing the Referee to review replay videos.

After the review, Alberto Riveron or another designated senior member the officiating staff, will make the final decision on the review and the Referee will announce the decision in the stadium.

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Each replay field technician will manage two Instant Replay Tablets. Two additional Instant Replay Tablets will be available as backups. The hood replay station will remain on NFL sidelines in 2017 and may be used during severe weather or other extenuating circumstances.

The revised process is part of the NFL’s ongoing efforts to increase efficiency and consistency in the instant replay review process.