The 2019 season officially kicked off in Canton, Ohio at the Hall of Fame Game. Throughout the game, there was discussion about the replay review of Offensive/Defensive Pass Interference. Following are key points about the process:

The intent: Correct the obvious error.

The system: No change to the replay system – coaches’ challenge outside of two minutes of either half and the replay official (at the stadium or from New York) stops the game inside two minutes and throughout overtime. 

The standard for pass interference: By rule, pass interference requires an act that “significantly hinders” an opponent’s opportunity to make a play on the ball.  

The standard to overturn the on-field ruling: Clear and obvious visual evidence that the on-field ruling was incorrect. This is the same standard that is consistently applied to all replay reviews. To overturn the on-field ruling, there must be clear and obvious visual evidence that the contact “significantly hindered” or “did not significantly hinder” an opponent. 

Game Stoppage: The Replay Official will stop the game for a pass interference review when: 

  • There is clear and obvious visual evidence that pass interference may have occurred, based on viewing the play live or any initial replays, i.e., the line feed.
  • If pass interference was called on the field and there is clear and obvious visual evidence that there was no foul for pass interference. 

Play will be stopped under stricter criteria and guidelines than for other reviewable plays. This is to prevent excessive game stoppages for a foul that involves more subjectivity than other reviewable plays. 

Hail Marys: All passing plays are subject to review. Hail Marys will be reviewed in replay consistent with the on-field officiating guidelines for these plays.