Las formaciones 101

Vea dónde se alinean los jugadores en las formaciones ofensivas y defensivas más comunes del fútbol americano profesional.

Meet The Offense

Meeting the Offense
What an NFL offense consists of.
What the quarterback does.
What the running back does.
What the fullback does.
What the wide receivers do.
What the tight end does.
What the offensive linemen do.
Talking about what the center does.
What the two guards do.
What the two tackles do.
Who are eligible receivers.
Talking more about eligible receivers.
Where eligible receivers must line up.
How these players must be set.
How these players must be set.

Meet The Defense

Meeting the Defense.
What an NFL defense consists of.
Talking about the defensive tackles and ends.
Talking about the linebackers and positioning.
What the secondary consists of.
What a 4-3 defense is.
What a 3-4 defense is.
What a nickel package is.