See the new 2024 rules and check back for the 2024 NFL Rulebook when it's released ahead of the upcoming season.

2024 Rules Changes

Explore the official rules of the game with this searchable version of the official 2023 NFL Rulebook.

NFL Rulebook

Through the lens of the best in the game — current players, NFL Legends and coaches — the initiative highlights proper technique, shares best practices and showcases the NFL Way to Play.

NFL Way to Play


Take a look behind the scenes at the NFL’s meticulous preparation, each season and each week, for 332 preseason, regular season and playoff games, and see how the league is anticipating the future while preserving the history, integrity and equity of America’s favorite sport.

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Learn the Game

Learn the Game gives you everything you need to understand the basics of NFL football. Learn fundamental terms in the glossary, understand base formations and get a quick guide to NFL TV graphics.

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NFL officials are the best of the best — for every down and every snap, this seven-person unit makes precision calls and split-second decisions at full speed. Look behind the scenes at how the league scouts, develops and evaluates the officials who work at football’s highest level.

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Journey to the NFL

The NFL is only as good as its players. That’s why the league works with individuals at every stage of their involvement with the game to develop and support not only great players, but also great people. Learn about the history of NFL players and what it takes to make it in the league. 

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The Rules

The NFL’s rules have continued to evolve since football’s earliest days — always changing to protect the players, the game’s integrity, and to make the game fairer and more entertaining. See how today’s rules have come about through testing, analysis and careful deliberation, and how the game has evolved into the sport beloved by millions today. 

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Inside Football Ops

Step behind the scenes of NFL Football Operations, the department that fosters a culture of clarity, consistency and credibility and ensures that the game’s rules — and the league’s officiating — are consistent to ensure the sport’s long-term success.

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