2023 Big Data Bowl Finalists

On behalf of NFL Data and Analytics, thanks to all who participated in this year’s Big Data Bowl. Our staff received nearly 300 submissions from more than 400 participants, a record for our analytics competition. Judges consistently mentioned the quality and creativity of this year’s submissions. We are grateful to all the folks who spent time and effort into analyzing offensive and defensive linemen!

The 2023 Big Data Bowl will culminate with an in-person event at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on March 1. Each of the finalists will compete for an additional $20,000 in prize money, and the competition will feature a keynote discussion on sports analytics from Dr. Katherine Evans, Vice President of Research and Information Systems with Monumental Sports/Washington Wizards.

Congratulations to the following eight finalists of the 2023 Big Data Bowl, as well as to the honorable mention group.

2023 Big Data Bowl Finalists 

Coaching Track Finalists:

Undergrad Track Finalists:

Metric Track Finalists:

Honorable Mention: