College Outreach Program

Preparing student-athletes for success.

The NFL College Outreach program provides student-athletes with the tools that they need to succeed on and off the field.

As a part of this program, former NFL players visit colleges and universities to have frank discussions with student-athletes about what to expect at the next level, developing character and leadership skills and the role men can play in ending violence against women.

The visits also strengthen the important partnership between the league and college football programs around the country.

Student athletes at the University of Notre Dame participate in an NFL College Outreach program about how the league evaluates prospects.  

NFL Football Operations surveyed 30 head coaches from top national football programs to identify which topics are most important to today’s student-athletes and how the NFL can help prepare them to be better men.

The results led the NFL to develop three educational presentations:

  • NFL Player Evaluation – Educates student-athletes on NFL scouting procedures, the league’s expectations on and off the field, and key life skills that can help them excel as they prepare for their professional lives within or beyond football.
  • NFL Habitudes: Character and Leadership Development – Shares timeless leadership principles to assist them to excel in school, live a life of integrity and high character, and better prepare for the future.
  • A Call to Men: A Discussion on Healthy Manhood – Increases awareness of the important role the student-athletes can play in the lives of boys and young men in developing and promoting healthy and respectful manhood.

Members of the University of Pittsburgh football team learn timeless leadership principles as part of the NFL's College Outreach program.

The 45-minute presentations come at no cost to the university and are facilitated by representatives from the league office or NFL Ambassador Program. Invitations were sent to all Football Bowl Subdivision and Historically Black College and University football programs.

In 2017, the College Outreach team visited 51 schools, delivering 57 presentations and reaching more than 4,500 college football players — nearly double the 26 schools and 31 presentations delivered in 2016.

Vanderbilt University student-athletes take part in an NFL College Outreach discussion about developing and promoting healthy and respectful manhood.

Exit surveys showed that the student-athletes found value in the presentations, and they identified other opportunities for additional outreach on the issues that affect players and support their personal and professional development.