NFL Forward

Feedback and ideas from fans across the world can help the NFL improve the game. The NFL Forward platform allows fans, entrepreneurs, technologists, and others to submit ideas directly to the NFL’s innovation team within the league’s Football Operations department.

The NFL’s innovation priorities are continuously evolving. NFL Forward allows anyone to submit proposals that offer creative ideas to advance the game. Proposals may differ, but the NFL’s innovation team is specifically looking for solutions that can improve technology in the following areas:

Venue and Facilities

  • What type of technology can be used to improve the gameday operation of the venue and its facilities?


  • How can technology be leveraged to improve communication between coaches, players, and officials?

Equipment and Materials

  • How can technology improve the in-game equipment (i.e., football, shoulder pads, helmets, playing surface)?

Artificial Intelligence

  • How can artificial intelligence be used to improve the integrity of the game?

Performance Data and Analytics

  • How can technology enhance the evaluations of players and game officials through analytics?

Health and Safety

  • What new technologies or processes can be implemented to improve the health, safety, and recovery of athletes?

The Future of Football Committee will evaluate submissions based on its priorities, each submission’s feasibility, and its impact on the game. The best ideas may lead to opportunities to work with the NFL.