NFL Coaching Workshop

The NFL Coaching Workshop guides former and current college and professional players and current high school and college coaches through the intricacies of the coaching profession.
Participants from the 2019 NFL Coaching Workshop (previously named NFL-NCAA Coaching Academy).

Participants from the 2019 NFL Coaching Workshop (previously named NFL-NCAA Coaching Academy).

Participants learn about personal values, individual behavior styles and the viability of a career in coaching. They get the chance to work with established coaches, business leaders and athletic administrators to better understand the demands of coaching football at the professional level. Connecting Legends with current NCAA coaches shows participants how to get involved with and thrive in college coaching. 

Consistent with NFL Player Engagement’s peer-to-peer model, participants will learn about coaching from successful NFL, college and high school coaches. In addition, they will hear from business leaders and athletic administrators about the business side of coaching.

Participants will also learn about:      

  • Building a personal and professional brand
  • Networking
  • Managing budgets
  • Player health and safety
  • Messaging for the media
  • Coaching contacts
  • Building relationships in college
  • Leading effectively
  • Understanding the academic landscape
  • Interviewing (through mock interview sessions)

"Continuing the education of administrators and coaches can provide a better, more complete experience for athletes, whether on campus or in the professional arena," said Bernard Franklin, former NCAA executive vice president of education and community engagement and chief inclusion officer. “The partnership with the National Football League has a positive impact on the sport and those charged with developing the game and its participants. The exposure of aspiring coaches to a collection of the top minds in football — discussing topics like financial literacy, mental health and locker room culture — is crucial now and in the future.”

Other NFL and NCAA partnerships include:

  • The NFL-NCAA Champion Forum for individuals whom college administrators have identified as potential head coaches. This program simulates the process of becoming a college coach — from researching the position and interviewing through holding the first staff meeting as a head coach.
  • The NFL-NCAA Future Football Coaches Academy for players who have recently completed their college eligibility and want to become college football coaches.
  • NFL-NCAA Athletic Professionals Workshops, where coaches share best practices for developing student-athletes by teaching them life skills and professional development.
  • The NFL-NCAA Life Skills Summit Roundtable for Student-Athletes, which gives high school and college athletes a forum to talk about the resources and support that they need to meet their personal and professional goals.