The NFL Votes program concludes during Weeks 7-8 of the 2020 season before the U.S. election on Nov. 3. Several clubs have shown their support of the league’s voting initiative by encouraging fans to register, check their ID for any requirements, check their voting options, research their ballots and vote. In addition to the VOTE stencils on the sidelines and end zone, clubs can place a club-branded voting logo on the 25-yard lines.

To aid in this effort, the league created club-specific logo kits for each field. Clubs can use the approved marks or create their own custom-designed voting logo, subject to league office approval. Stencils are to be placed at the 25-yard lines between the numbers and sideline. Clubs that do not play a home game during Weeks 7-8 can use the voting stencils during Week 6.