The NFL is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with a variety of new culture- and community-driven activities at both the national and local level. The league is introducing new partnerships, collaborations and activations that are designed to celebrate "la cultura Latina" throughout the NFL season, including working with global music superstar Ozuna to enhance this effort. With a large and passionate Latinx fanbase, as well as a number of Latinx NFL players, personnel, and Legends, the NFL and its clubs are committed to celebrating the diverse cultures within the Latinx community. 

In 2021, the league is launching a new advertising campaign, highlighting how the sport of football embraces culture, unifies people, and uplifts youth. The campaign introduces a new tagline, "Por La Cultura," signifying how the NFL aims to champion the diversity and vibrancy of its fans, players, and personnel. The league will also incorporate a simple, hand-drawn tilde over the N in the NFL shield, a nod to the Spanish language and the Latinx community.

The NFL is also partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to recognize Latinx youth who have contributed to the sports and fitness arenas. Announced later this NFL season, winners will receive grants in support of their college education or to enhance their community service efforts. The league and NFL teams will spread the word and encourage local nominations, and the league's national advertising will also drive awareness of this opportunity, with support from Ozuna. Nomination and sign-up are available at

"We are fortunate to have one of the largest Latinx fanbases of any sport in this country," said Amanda Herald, NFL Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Insights. "It's important that our content, marketing and partnerships celebrate and serve the diversity within the population, as we know the way our fans and players identify as well as their cultural preferences vary by region, country of origin, language preference, and other factors."

"I'm honored to be partnering with the NFL on such a groundbreaking new initiative to highlight the diversity of their fans, especially now during Latinx Heritage Month,” said Ozuna. “For the NFL to acknowledge, support, and encourage our culture is meaningful."

Throughout the 2021 season, NFL teams will bring to life the Por La Cultura effort through in-game recognitions, community events and social media amplification.