The NFL announced an expansion of its Global Markets Program, with four new clubs and five new markets set to participate in 2024. The announcement follows the approval from the International Committee at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Orlando.

First launched in 2022, the Global Markets Program awards NFL clubs international marketing rights to build brand awareness and fandom beyond the U.S. through fan engagement, events and commercial opportunities. 25 clubs will participate in the program across 19 international markets, as the NFL continues to prioritize global growth.

"The momentum of the Global Markets Program underscores the strong commitment of NFL clubs to growing the game and their passionate fan bases around the world. Clubs are seeing the value and opportunity in new markets and aligning with the league to accelerate that growth together," said Peter O'Reilly, executive vice president, club business, major events and international at the NFL. “We can't wait to see the ongoing impact of the program on fandom and global growth during this season and years ahead, both in new and existing markets and via new clubs joining and active clubs deepening their strategic commitments."

2024 highlights of the Global Markets Program include:

    • Cleveland Browns: Granted rights in Nigeria
    • Detroit Lions: Granted rights across Austria, Canada, Germany and Switzerland
    • Indianapolis Colts: Granted rights across Austria and Germany
    • New York Giants: Granted rights in Germany
  • FIVE NEW MARKETS: This is the first time clubs will be expanding into the following markets:
    • Argentina: Rights granted to the Miami Dolphins
    • Colombia: Rights granted to the Miami Dolphins  
    • Japan: Rights granted to the Los Angeles Rams
    • Nigeria: Rights granted to the Cleveland Browns
    • South Korea: Rights granted to the Los Angeles Rams
  • EXISTING EXPANSION: For 2024, six clubs that currently hold GMP rights applied to expand to additional countries, adding one to three territories per club:
    • Los Angeles Rams: Currently with rights in Australia, China, Mexico and New Zealand — expanding to South Korea and Japan
    • Miami Dolphins: Currently with rights in Brazil, Spain and the United Kingdom — expanding to Argentina, Colombia and Mexico
    • New England Patriots: Currently with rights in Austria, Germany and Switzerland — expanding to Brazil
    • New York Jets: Currently with rights in the United Kingdom — expanding to Ireland
    • Pittsburgh Steelers: Currently with rights in Mexico and the Island of Ireland (both Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland) — expanding to Germany
    • Seattle Seahawks: Currently with rights in Canada — expanding to Austria, Germany and Switzerland

NFL clubs can apply for rights to international markets by submitting proposals to the International Committee for review each spring. Clubs are awarded rights for at least a five-year term through the program. During this period, they can pursue activities in that international market that are consistent with what they can do in their home market.

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The 2024 NFL Global Markets Program by market:  

*indicates new program addition for 2024  




Miami Dolphins* 


Detroit Lions*Indianapolis Colts*, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles 


Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots* 


Detroit Lions*, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks 


Los Angeles Rams 


Miami Dolphins* 


New Orleans Saints 


Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions*Indianapolis Colts*, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, New York Giants*Pittsburgh Steelers*Seattle Seahawks*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers  


Philadelphia Eagles 


Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets*, Pittsburgh Steelers (Island of Ireland)


Los Angeles Rams* 


Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins*, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers  

New Zealand 

Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles 


Cleveland Browns*


Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins

South Korea 

Los Angeles Rams* 


Detroit Lions*, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks*, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

United Kingdom 

Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers 


The 2024 NFL Global Markets Program by club: 

*indicates new program addition for 2024 



Arizona Cardinals


Atlanta Falcons


Carolina Panthers


Chicago Bears

Spain, United Kingdom

Cleveland Browns


Dallas Cowboys


Denver Broncos


Detroit Lions

Austria*, Canada*, Germany*, Switzerland*

Houston Texans


Indianapolis Colts

Austria*, Germany*

Jacksonville Jaguars

Ireland, United Kingdom

Kansas City Chiefs

Austria, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland

Las Vegas Raiders


Los Angeles Rams

Australia, China, Japan*, South Korea*, Mexico, New Zealand

Miami Dolphins

Argentina*, Brazil, Colombia*, Mexico*, Spain, United Kingdom

Minnesota Vikings

Canada, United Kingdom

New England Patriots

Austria, Brazil*, Germany, Switzerland  

New Orleans Saints


New York Giants


New York Jets

Ireland*, United Kingdom

Philadelphia Eagles

Australia, Ghana, New Zealand

Pittsburgh Steelers

Germany*, Mexico, Island of Ireland

San Francisco 49ers

Mexico, United Kingdom

Seattle Seahawks

Austria*, Canada, Germany*, Switzerland*

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Austria, Germany, Switzerland