The National Football League is pleased to announce the addition of five new officials to its roster for the 2024 season:

  • Derek Anderson - Line of Scrimmage
  • Jeff Hutcheon - Line of Scrimmage
  • Brian Perry - Line of Scrimmage
  • Robert Richeson - Line of Scrimmage
  • Karina Tovar - Downfield

Their proven track records in officiating at all levels of football, combined with their passion for the game, make each of them valuable additions to the NFL officiating team.

Derek Anderson is the son of Walt Anderson.

“Our entire family is very proud of Derek’s outstanding career as a college football official. We are excited to see him have the opportunity to contribute as an official at the NFL level. With Derek’s promotion, I expect to begin the process of transitioning to a new role as an NFL Rules Analyst & Club Communications Liaison, where I will focus on communicating with the clubs during the week and with our broadcast partners on gamedays. While I will no longer be making officiating decisions, together with a variety of stakeholders I will continue to look for new and better ways to promote excellence in officiating performance. I welcome this challenge and look forward to the opportunity to support the men and women who do such a tremendous job officiating our game at every level.”