NFL Mackie Development Program

Training and mentoring non-NFL officials to officiate football at the highest level.

The NFL’s Mackie Development Program (MDP), named for longtime NFL game official and executive Wayne Mackie, provides an opportunity for college-level officials not yet working in the NFL to be exposed to some of the same experiences as NFL officials. Drawn from the nearly 4,000 candidates in the league’s scouting database, these officials, with an emphasis on diverse candidates, are evaluated by the league to answer one question: Do they have the potential to succeed in the NFL?

Before joining the program, officials must receive medical clearance, pass a background check, take a psychological assessment and complete an in-person interview with a panel of NFL Officiating Department staff.

Once accepted into the program, they study position-specific film with veteran NFL officials and current officiating coaches and trainers, as well as, review NFL mechanics and analyze the differences in rules between NFL and NCAA. MDP officials gain NFL experiences by:

  • Attending the NFL’s annual preseason officiating clinic to begin learning the differences between college and professional officiating.
  • Participating in NFL mini-camps and training camps.
  • Officiating in an NFL preseason game.
  • Working an NCAA post-season all-star game (Reese’s Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine Bowl or NFLPA Game)

At the end of the season, the officials in the MDP will be assessed as follows:

  • Ready for the highest level: This official will be moving up to an NFL officiating crew when an opening exists.
  • Great work, but room to improve: The league likes what it sees in the official, but determines that he or she is not ready for the NFL just yet, but will remain in the program.
  • Not the right fit: The league does not see this official working in the NFL, and he or she continues his or her collegiate career.

2022 MDP Participants

Some MDP officials have several successful years of experience as college referees (crew chiefs). In most cases, when these officials enter the league, they will work at a position other than referee to gain experience.

The NFL and CFL partner together on the Officiating Exchange Program, giving CFL officials the chance to gain NFL experience through select preseason opportunities to help their continued development.

Last Name First Name Position  Conference
Anderson Derek LOS/R Big 12
Apellaniz Krystle CJ/BJ Big 12 
Ballester Baron LOS AAC
Banks Bryan DF Big 10
Bergman Brett LJ Big 10
Bilbo Jay LOS/LJ CFO West
Booker George Wes DF SEC
Brown Courtney  BJ CUSA
Campbell  Scott  R/U Big 12
Carter Jr James R/U/DF SEC
Clougherty Connor DF ACC
Conti Catherine  LOS/LJ MWC
DeLeon  Gabriel DF Big 12
Dornan Matthew LOS PAC 12
Epps Jeremy U CUSA
Flowers  Walter LOS SEC
Ford  Josiah LOS ACC
Fucik Glen SJ/FJ SEC
Gautreaux Daniel R/DF SEC
Givens  Quentin LOS Big 12
Green Chadwick LOS SEC
Griffith Michael DF ACC
Hankins Martin DF SEC
Hedgepeth Tim R/DF ACC
Hicks  Phillip FJ/SJ Big 10
Hill Walter U SEC
Johnson Tobian R/DF CUSA/PAC 12
Johnston Joe DF PAC 12
Keller Dale LOS PAC 12
Kemp Jacob DF Big 10
Larrew Justin DF SEC
Ledet Jason DF Big 12
Mitchell-Ross Tangela LOS SWAC
Nelson Justin DF PAC 12
Nelson LaShell DF Big 10
Owens Carlos LOS MWC
Perry Brian LOS ACC
Petty Sean DF SEC
Powell Henrietta LOS MEAC/SLC/SIAC
Randolph Nicole DF MAC
Ray Stephen LOS SEC
Richeson Robert U Big 12
Sakowski Brian LOS ACC
Salaam Tuta DF Big 12
Sauer Amanda CJ Big 10
Scanlan  Dan CJ Big 12
Smith Larry DF Big 10
Steratore Frank DF Big 10
Studd  Rudy LOS Big10/MAC
Thomas William U ACC
Tovar Karina DF/FJ ACC
Walton Tyree CJ Big 12
Warner Andy LOS Big 12
Woods Marcus R/CJ ACC
Young Daniel BJ Big 12