NFL clubs adopted the following rules change and resolution proposals today at the NFL Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida:

Approved 2022 Playing Rules Summary

1.         By Indianapolis and Philadelphia; amends Rule 16, to allow both teams an opportunity to possess the ball in overtime in the postseason.

3.      By Competition Committee; makes permanent the free kick formation change implemented during the 2021 season that established a maximum number of players in the setup zone.

Approved 2022 Resolutions Summary

G-1.  By Baltimore, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay; amends the Anti-Tampering Policy, in regard to Secondary Football Executive positions, to allow the employer club the choice to retain its player personnel staff through the Annual Selection Meeting. After the selection meeting through June 30, the employer club is required to grant permission for another club to interview and hire a non-high-level executive or non-secondary football executive for a secondary football executive position.