The NFL’s annual Health and Safety Report is the league’s opportunity to provide an update on its important work to better protect players — from the lab to the playing field — for current, former and future players, and for athletes in all sports.

Read the 2015 NFL Health and Safety Report.

The report details how work of the league and its medical experts has led to rule changes, better equipment and improved medical care. The NFL continually brings together the foremost authorities in health, safety and related technologies to drive change and better protect players.

“There must be no confusion: The health of our players will always take precedence over competitive concerns,” Commissioner Roger Goodell writes in the 2015 report. “That principle informs all of the work discussed in this report.”

See the NFL rule changes over the last 30 years that have been introduced to protect players.

Collaboration with medical experts helps the league focus on making a difference on the field, honoring a lifetime commitment to former players and teaching youths the right way to play.

“Across the board, we are seeing significant and sustained improvements,” Goodell writes. “But our work cannot and will not stop. I look forward to reporting even more successes this time next year.”

Learn how the NFL works to protect players and helps to create a better experience for athletes across all sports.