NFL Legends Programs

Supporting Legends and their families throughout their transition.

The NFL Legends Community connects Legends with each other, celebrates their accomplishments, mentors current players and supports their community service. 

Since its launch, the community’s peer-to-peer model has fostered one of the strongest brotherhoods in professional sports. Whether Legends interested in jumpstarting a new career or simply staying connected with former teammates and the game they love, the Legends Community has a program to support.

NFL Legends Community

Here are a few ways the NFL Legends Community serves, celebrates and engages Legends and their families:

NFL Legends Welcome

The Legends Community hosts an annual welcome event for new Legends and their families to meet with different NFL departments, The Trust and the Player Benefits team to keep them connected to the game. 


The Legends Lunch and Learn Series — held by teams and at NFL headquarters — introduces players to everything the Legends Community offers and provides a platform for their voices to be heard.


The NFL Legends Lounge brings Legends together to celebrate the game and their permanent place in it. The Lounge, which debuted at Super Bowl XLVIII, is a free and private hospitality space open exclusively to current players and Legends. Found at every major NFL calendar event, it’s an opportunity for Legends to relax and reengage with former teammates.

NFL Legends Business Network

The NFL Legends Business Network is an exclusive network for NFL Legends with meaningful business ownership or interest in starting a business. Through entrepreneurship programming, peer-to-peer mentorship, and NFL partner resources, Legends have access to opportunities intended to set them up for long term business success.

The Legends Business Network also provides elevated visibility for business opportunities within the NFL, its member clubs and partners, and the broader NFL Legends community. This includes events, networking and additional business resources.

This network is intended for NFL Legends with meaningful business ownership and involvement or Legends with serious interest in starting their own business. Ascending Athletes administers the program and vets all business qualifications.

To learn more or to register, visit the Player Portal. 

Legends Community Coaches Network

The Legends Community Coaches Network was created to celebrate Legends coaching across all levels of football.

The network provides Legends with coaching resources, on-field and off-field development opportunities, and exclusive perks and benefits to coaches and their programs. Through the network, coaches will have the opportunity to provide input into programming and content. The network will also establish a mentor program and an online forum where coaches will be able to connect with Legends coaching all over the world. Virtual and on-site clinics will provide professional development opportunities and coaching best practices.

Legends interested in learning more about the Legends Community and its offerings can visit

Staying in the Game

Legends have the unique understanding of the characteristics shared by athletes who succeed in football. They have an ideal skill set for evaluating and coaching talent. These programs provide Legends with the tools for a second career in football.

Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship

The Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship, created by the NFL in January 2015, introduces players to a career in professional scouting. The program gives participants a glimpse into player personnel by exposing them to college and pro scouting.

Participants shadow members of an NFL team’s scouting staff and learn: 

  • What it takes to be an NFL scout
  • How to evaluate players
  • How to improve their ability to spot talent 

“The Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for our Legends to learn more about this important profession,” said Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations.


The NFL Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship helps Legends, minority coaches and high school coaches advance their coaching career through: 

  • Observing NFL coaches at work
  • Networking with established and up-and-coming coaches
  • Experiencing a variety of coaching responsibilities 

Ron Rivera, Mike Tomlin, Marvin Lewis and Anthony Lynn all participated in the fellowship.

“The fellowship gave me my first exposure to coaching in the NFL, and it solidified my dedication to wanting to become a coach in the National Football League,” said Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Life After Football

These programs support Legends and their families in their transition.

Life Beyond the Game 

NFL Life Beyond the Game

Life Beyond the Game provides Legends with resources to tackle life after football. Trained Transition Coaches — NFL Legends who serve as a resource to fellow players — offer guidance and support.

Legends and their families can access networking events and professional resources focusing on personal finance, health and wellness, career development and more.


Current players and Legends can to explore their post-football career options with a job shadow or internship at a local or national business. Whether during the off-season or after their playing days, this program connects players to professional opportunities.