NFL Legends Resources

Assisting Legends and their families as they live healthy and fulfilling lives.

The NFL Legends Community connects Legends and their families to resources to support life after football.

Whether a Legend is looking to give back to the community, plan for the future or find support for medical issues, the Legends Community can guide and connect them to the proper support.

Resources for NFL Legends 

Resources available to welcome players to the Legends family and help them give back to their communities: 

  • NFL office visits welcome Legends and their families to NFL headquarters to learn about their benefits and to plan for the future. 

NFL Foundation offers grant assistance to current players and Legends to support the causes they care about:

  • Youth Football Camp Grants provide grants to current NFL players, Legends and coaches who organize and host free, non-contact youth football camps during the summer. 
  • Social Justice Grants support Legends in developing social justice programming or partnering with local non-profit organizations.
  • Through the NFL Player Financial Match Grant, Legends and current NFL players who donate to youth or high school football programs can receive 1:1 match funding up to $5,000. 
  • Through the NFL Legends Currently Coaching Grant, Legends who coach youth or high school football teams (beyond volunteering) can receive up to $8,000 in funding for their football programs.

Health and Wellness Resources 

Resources to support Legends as they transition to a healthy and fulfilling life after the NFL:

  • Healthy Body and Mind Screening is a free national screening program open to all Legends. The screening includes private and confidential cardiovascular and prostate screenings and mental health resources and education. The program is a partnership between the NFL Player Care Foundation and Tulane University School of Medicine. 
  • NFL Player Assistance and Counseling Service provides players, Legends and their family members with an extensive library of services for any life challenge or when they need a hand. This includes eight free, confidential, in-person counseling sessions for each mental health issue a year for players, Legends and members of their household. 
  • NFL Retired Player Dental provides dental coverage for Legends and their spouse. 
  • NFL Retired Player Vision provides vision coverage for Legends. 
  • NFL Joint Replacement Program includes medical and financial resources for Legends who need joint replacement surgery and are uninsured or lack financing. 
  • Spine Treatment Program provides access to top flight evaluation and treatment at five premier medical centers that specialize in spine care.
  • Urology Care Foundation offers prostate cancer screenings for Legends. 
  • Financial Grants, through the Player Care Foundation, provide funds for approved living expenses, housing or medical treatments.